Your car is more than transportation.

Whether you drive a luxury SUV, a classic muscle car or an off roader, NorthStar has the ideal battery to keep you up and running. NorthStar Automotive Batteries deliver more starting power and increased reserve capacity to power all on-board electronics. NorthStar batteries are designed to deliver superior performance, while exceeding conventional battery life expectancies, reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Don’t take any risks by using other batteries – if you need the best, you need a NorthStar Ultra High Performance Pure AGM.

"Anything I do on my vehicle I want to do it to the absolute best quality, and I know that a NorthStar is the best.”

Derek West
Crush Motorsports

Derek West and his Crush Motorsports team take part in some of the world's toughest events, such as King of the Hammers, the Rock Dirt Riot Race, and the Hog Wild Shootout. Nothing can stop the NorthStar battery - not heat or rocks or mud - allowing Derek to focus on winning his usual spot in the top 10.

"I run a lot of equipment on my machine, so we have fresh air pumpers blowing air into our helmets, I've got lights, I've got radio communications, winches, I've got all sorts of stuff that I've got to make sure works. When it comes time and I'm stuck in a hole, I rely on my battery to winch me up and out, so it's very important to me to have a good solid battery."

"There are lots of advantages that a NorthStar Battery gives me. The biggest probably being the durability of the battery. It can be turned over, tipped upside down, and it doesn't matter. It's vibration resistant, so as I'm beating around that battery is staying intact. It's got excellent reserve capacity, so it's also a starting battery as well as a deep cycle, which I do both on my vehicle quite often. I've been using this battery for 3 years now and haven't had a single failure and I'm extremely pleased."

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