All these world records can't be wrong.

NorthStar Batteries powered five new world records in the car audio competition circuit last year. That's got to count for something.

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"Our batteries are made to be the best, and every time they’re put to the test they come out on top. No one else makes a battery that can consistently deliver these kind of world record performances.”

John Semeniuk
NorthStar Vice-President, Transportation


NorthStar Battery is celebrating five new world records set at the United States Autosound Competition International (USACI) Texas Heatwave and INAC Isaca world finals in Alabama. Jake Jesty, Amos Williams and Craig Meaux from Team Dip-Tex out of Texas, Chris Russ and Sam Gagliardi all set world records thanks to the unbeatable performance of their NorthStar Batteries.

Chris hit 163.4Db in the Street Beat 4 Outlaw class and 147.5Db in the Xtreme 4 Midwest SPL class. He uses a whopping 11 NorthStar NSB-AGM31 Batteries to power his monster system. Jake recorded 153.7Db in the Street Beat 5 Outlaw class using 4 NorthStar SMS-AGM400s. Amos also reached 153.7Db in the Stock 0-1800 Outlaw class with 2 NorthStar NSB-AGM31s. 

Craig hit 148.5Db in the Street Beat 2 Legal class using 4 NorthStar SMS-AGM200s. Sam set a 151.1Db in the trunk 2 class using 2 Northstar SMS-AGM220s batteries. He beat the previous record of 149.9 that was set earlier in the day.

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